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Rising Sun Flags plastered on Tai Po Lennon Wall

2019-07-16 HKT 11:55
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  • Rising Sun Flags plastered on Tai Po Lennon Wall
Tensions rose over the so-called Lennon Wall in Tai Po once again on Tuesday morning, after Japanese Imperial Army flags and those of several western nations were slapped on top of the existing memos overnight.

Several notes were also posted reading "Eight-Nation Alliance", referring to the eight countries that attacked China in 1900.

Police said they received a report in the early hours on Tuesday that a group of suspicious people were seen in the pedestrian tunnel near Tai Po Market MTR Station where the Lennon Wall is located. But they were already gone when officers arrived.

Some glue and brushes were seized from the scene and investigators were following up on the incident, the police said.

On Tuesday morning, some people attempted to tear the flags down, but were stopped by volunteers who said the wall is for people to express their views freely.

The volunteers said people could cover the flags with new memos if they weren't happy with them.

While "Lennon Walls" have sprung up across the territory in the past couple of weeks, the one in Tai Po is among those that have received the most media attention.

Last week, dozens of police officers in riot gear removed posts from the wall which they said revealed personal information on some of their colleagues.

There have also been scuffles in the area between anti-extradition protesters and people angered by the message boards.