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'Police failed to protect Yuen Long people'

2019-07-22 HKT 03:08
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  • Lam Cheuk-ting says police arrived an hour after he called for help. Photo: RTHK
    Lam Cheuk-ting says police arrived an hour after he called for help. Photo: RTHK
Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting, who was injured in an attack in Yuen Long on Sunday night, has questioned why police failed to protect people when they were attacked by "triad members".

Lam said he was beaten up by dozens of people armed with sticks and water bottles when he went to the MTR station after hearing passengers were being attacked by a group of armed men.

The lawmaker sustained injuries to his mouth, hands, feet and abdomen.

Lam said when he heard of the attack, he had immediately called Yuen Long Police District and asked for officers to be sent to the scene urgently. But he said there was no action from the police for more than an hour after he contacted them.

The lawmaker said when he reached the train station, a group of local and South Asian people attacked him. He said the attackers were aged between 20 and 60.

Lam said he was extremely angry about the lack of police action and questioned why the officers had failed to protect the general public, and allowed what he described as triad gang members to run rampant.

In a brief statement, the pro-government DAB party also condemned the attack and demanded that the police follow up on this seriously.

Meanwhile lawmaker Junius Ho denied that he had anything to do with the event.

This came after footage appeared on social media which seemed to show the lawmaker giving the thumbs up sign to some people in white t-shirts, and shaking hands with others.

Ho said he was just walking past after dinner when some people came up to him to shake hands and take pictures with them.

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