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HK on verge of humanitarian crisis: protesters

2019-08-12 HKT 17:16
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  • HK on verge of humanitarian crisis: protesters
Jimmy Choi reports
Anti-extradition protesters alleged on Monday that Hong Kong is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.

At their latest "civil press conference", activists accused police of taking part in illegal acts during protests and framing demonstrators, not just on Sunday.

"We have reasons to suspect that the police might have used undercovers in many previous protests to start violent conflicts and participate in the illegal acts, such as the manufacture and use of gasoline bombs, [arson], the attacks on police stations with bricks and the possession of highly offensive weapons, and then framed the protesters for committing these crimes," said spokeswoman Catrina Ko.

Undercover officers were accused of disguising themselves as protesters and helping to make arrests in Causeway Bay on Sunday.

At the press briefing, the protesters observed a moment of silence to show their sympathy to those injured in the violence around town, saying the people of Hong Kong just experienced the darkest weekend in the city's modern history.

They cited the firing of projectiles at the protesters from a short distance at Tai Koo MTR station, and multiple round of tear gas fired into Kwai Fong station.

And they once again urged Chief Executive Carrie Lam to address their five demands, including an independent commission of inquiry into claims of police brutality.

"The protesters are not destroying Hong Kong. They are rescuing it from an unimaginably grim future what all they have," Ko said.

"We Hongkongers should not yield."