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Getting death threats, say uni student leaders

2019-08-16 HKT 17:12
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  • Getting death threats, say uni student leaders
Three university student leaders said on Friday that they and their families have received threatening messages including murder threats, asking them to stop causing "chaos in Hong Kong".

Pang Ka-ho from the Hong Kong University's Student Union Council said he has received messages on his social media Telegram account earlier this week, accusing him of what the sender said "doing what is not accepted by Hong Kong people".

He said messages he got threatened that his mother and even the whole family will be murdered if he doesn't stop "causing trouble". Foul language was also used in the messages.

His family also received an anonymous phone call, warning they too could also get caught in trouble when the city gets chaotic.

Pang said he has reported the case to the police, but added that the messages are causing him severe stress.

Another student leader, Zoey Leung from the Baptist University student union, said she and her family members have also been targeted.

Leung said she received threats on her Facebook page, with the sender listing details of her parents and her home address.

A few days later Leung's family saw a flyer near their home with a photo of her on it, with curses and insults on it.

She said she is scared and feels her life is under threat.

Leung said she and other student leaders believe they have been targeted due to their support for the anti-extradition bill protests.

Kex Leung, a student leader from Education University, said he also had similar experience.

He said his family saw some strangers wandering around their flat and they even knocked on the door, asking where Leung was. Luckily he wasn't at home, he said.

The student leader said that he thinks the threats are linked to their role in the anti-extradition protests. But he vowed they will not back down.

"I think it's important for us to stand up... because if we bow our head to these terror and these anonymous threats, it's going to happen to more and more people and not just us," the Education University student said.