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Shoppers don't want plastic-wrapped fruits: survey

2019-08-20 HKT 15:38
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  • Shoppers don't want plastic-wrapped fruits: survey
Violet Wong reports
A new survey conducted by a green group suggests most people think supermarkets are over-packaging their fruits and vegetables.

Of 900 people surveyed by Greeners Action between March and May, over 70 percent said supermarkets over-package their fresh produce.

Nine out of ten respondents say they'd prefer to buy fruits and vegetables without any wrapping at all, with many explaining that they like to touch or even smell the produce to ensure their quality.

The study also found that more than half would just throw all the plastic wrapping and polystyrene away, because they're not sure if they can be recycled.

A spokeswoman for the group, Vicki Wong says immediate action is needed, and it’s time for a legislative solution to impose restrictions on fresh food packaging.

She says the government should take reference from laws passed in Taiwan and Korea.

Wong also urged supermarkets to launch plastic-free aisles and review their packaging policy to reduce waste.