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Govt asked to act on phone checking at border

2019-08-20 HKT 16:06
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  • Govt asked to act on phone checking at border
Kwok Ka-ki talks to RTHK's Eurus Yiu
A lawmaker is asking the Hong Kong government to take action over complaints that mainland authorities are forcing people to hand over their phones for checking when they cross the border into the mainland.

Civic Party lawmaker Kwok Ka-ki said he has received several complaints from Hongkongers who were asked to unlock their mobile phones when trying to cross the border, and allow officers there to check their photos and messages.

"We have received many complaints from people who need to travel between Hong Kong and the mainland," he said.

"Their complaints is quite similar. [when] crossing the border, they are asked to hand in their cellphones, and they need to give the password, and show all the pictures, video and even communications to the law enforcement authorities in mainland," he said.

The lawmaker said the questions they were asked were mainly about the ongoing anti-extradition bill protests and some of them were even barred from entering mainland.

"Some of them were treated unfairly. We have cases where people were detained for maybe couple of hours before they were allowed to enter China," he said.

In one case, a person was working on the mainland was denied entry which affected his work, the legislator said.

Kwok told RTHK's Eurus Yiu said the action is illegal and infringes on freedom of speech in Hong Kong.