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Many injured as police storm MTR platforms, trains

2019-09-01 HKT 01:35
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  • Several people who were rounded up by officers within Prince Edward station. Photo: RTHK
    Several people who were rounded up by officers within Prince Edward station. Photo: RTHK
The police entered several MTR stations on Saturday evening, rushing onto platforms and train carriages to arrest dozens of anti-extradition bill protesters in another escalation of events as protests entered a thirteenth straight week.

At Prince Edward, police officers were seen chasing protesters through the station, clubbing and pepper spraying some people before making a series of arrests.

Special tactical force officers, better known as 'raptors', ran onto a train heading towards Central and used batons and pepper spray on passengers, while commuters tried to protect themselves with umbrellas.

The officers subdued a number of people, while some passengers were seen bleeding from head injuries and others cried. Television footage also showed some people being treated for wounds within the train carriage.

A huge crowed gathered outside the Prince Edward MTR station to protest the police action. The police declared it an illegal assembly and warned they may use force to disperse them.

The police said they had entered the station after receiving reports that protesters had assaulted members of the public and damaged property within the station. They entered the station to stop all violent acts and arrest offenders.

The MTR confirmed that they called in the police, after noticing passengers clashing on one the trains in the station. It added that since the chaos continued, they took the decision to start evacuating the station.

The force said radical protesters had also caused damage inside Mong Kok station.

They took control of the station, with the rail operator issuing "leave immediately" warnings to clear the public from the area. Officers told passers-by to leave, warning they would be considered troublemakers otherwise.

The MTR said it had to call for police help after protesters damaged a control room in the station and broke some windows, forcing staff to move to another room for their own safety.

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