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Police slammed for first aid ban at Prince Edward

2019-09-02 HKT 16:47
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  • Police slammed for first aid ban at Prince Edward
Dr Lam talks to RTHK's Violet Wong
Police action to deny first aid to people at Prince Edward MTR Station came in for fierce criticism on Monday as Queen Mary Hospital staff formed a human chain in protest against what they called the excessive use of force by police.

One of the participants, Dr Lam, said it was unacceptable that it took over two hours for those injured at the station on Saturday night to be sent to hospital.

"Anyone of us, no matter whether they committed a crime or not, should be treated humanely," she said. "You have the right to receive immediate medical attention."

The police can follow the arrested people to the hospital and continue investigations after the detainees get adequate medical attention and their injuries treated, said Lam.

The doctor also slammed the police's decision not to allow first aid workers into the station. "Even during large scale wars like the world wars, first aid people had the right to serve the injured without the fear of violence," she said.

"That is why I am so angry because the police force truly violates international regulations," said Lam, adding there should be an independent probe into police actions.

She told RTHK's Violet Wong that hospital staff are scared of possible future action by the central government, but felt this is an occasion when they have to stand up for Hong Kong.

The organisers said over 400 hospital employees took part in the protest.