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Young girls offering sex to protesters: Fanny Law

2019-09-09 HKT 11:12
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  • Fanny Law (left) and Avery Ng speaking on RTHK's Backchat programme on Monday. Photo: RTHK
    Fanny Law (left) and Avery Ng speaking on RTHK's Backchat programme on Monday. Photo: RTHK
Fanny Law
Executive councillor Fanny Law said on RTHK's "Backchat" programme on Monday that there are confirmed reports of young girls offering free sex to frontline protesters.

Reacting to a listener's email which alleged that some girls are being tasked to provide "comfort" to frontline protesters, Law said: "I think we have confirmed that this is a true case. I am so sad for these young girls who have been misled into offering free sex."

Another guest on the programme, League of Social Democrats chairman Avery Ng, countered Law, saying he thinks sex should always be free and out of love. He said protesters don't have to risk police tear gas and bullets to get sex, which they can get without such danger elsewhere.

Law's claim prompted an angry listener to call into the show, accusing her of spreading rumours and disrespecting people.

"There is evidence. That is the daughter of a friend's friend. That's second-hand knowledge, but it's direct, it's real. Okay? Direct and it's real. And the girl actually wrote a piece," Law said.

But the caller, who gave his name as Matthew, was not satisfied with the response: "This is outrageous. It's just too much, Fanny".

"Where are these emails coming from, Fanny? You know as well as I do how the United Front machine works," he said.

After the programme, Ng told RTHK that Law had confirmed to him that the allegation she was referring to had been made in pro-Beijing social media groups.

He said she told him that she had fact-checked the information and it was true, and she had also heard the claim from a "cruise buddy".

When RTHK's newsroom later contacted Law for clarification of her remarks, she said she had come in for a lot of criticism over her comments and would not be giving any interviews on the issue.

During the radio show, Law had also criticised people who have been protesting outside Prince Edward MTR Station, describing them as "actors".

"I think it is nonsensical to see people crying, kneeling on the floor, claiming six lives have been killed at Prince Edward Station. This is all acting. The whole purpose is to incite anger and to encourage more people to come out to sustain the momentum of the so-called revolution."

The executive councillor also said Hong Kong has been peaceful for too long that laws regarding riots and clashes have not been updated.

She said reporters who flew in to cover the events have told her that they are amazed to see that reporters are allowed to run around like protesters here.

"They said in the United States they have designated zones and reporters are required to stay within the zone to cover that event," she said. "There is no real-time, nine hour broadcast nowhere in the world."

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