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Pan-dems question credibility of MTR evidence

2019-09-10 HKT 18:14
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  • Pan-dems question credibility of MTR evidence
Opposition lawmakers have questioned the credibility of evidence provided by officials seeking to quash rumours that protesters were killed at Prince Edward MTR Station on August 31, saying the explanations given were not very convincing.

The pan-democratic camp's convenor, Claudia Mo, said she has obtained a transcript showing that the Fire Services Department staff on site originally reported that nine people were injured that night, before changing the figure to ten, then revising it back to nine and eventually concluding that seven people had been hurt.

"The Fire Services Department spokesman kept on saying there were plenty of injured people. But by plenty, let us be brutally honest, seven or ten are not exactly vast numbers," she said. "How can they be so wrong?"

The lawmaker said explanations, such as that some of those injured were all wearing similar clothing and that some didn't want to go to hospital, are not very convincing arguments.

She said the still images released by the MTR are also not very convincing and will be unlikely to allay the public's concerns.

The pro-democracy camp also hit out at Chief Executive Carrie Lam for refusing to criticise executive councillor Fanny Law for making the controversial allegation that underage girls offered sex to frontline anti-government protesters.