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Human chain, protest march in Tsim Sha Tsui

2019-10-05 HKT 19:18
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  • Human chain, protest march in Tsim Sha Tsui
Several hundred masked protesters formed a human chain and moved from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sham Shui Po, in a demonstration against the government's new anti-face mask law.

One protester said she had joined the protest after seeing a message on social media but some others said they were not aware of any demonstration, but joined it when they saw a human chain being formed.

Another marcher, named Leon, said he only knew about the rally when he saw a human chain when he got to Tsim Sha Tsui. He said he was heading to Causeway Bay thinking there will be some protest there.

The new law brought in under the colonial-era emergency ordinance, bars people from wearing face masks at any public rallies. The government says radical protesters who are indulging in violence is hiding their identity by using masks.

But the protesters rejected the Carrie Lam administration's claim and said they came out to protest against the "unjust law".

Kelly, a 20-year-old clerk, said she thinks it’s important to join the human chain with a mask on despite a ban on face covering.

"Hong Kong people should unite and resist the anti-mask law," she said. "Because the anti-mask law violated our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly."

"Wearing mask is our basic right", said Kelly.

Cheung, a retired restaurant owner who joined the march said the protesters cover their face not because they are doing illegal things but because their identity will be splashed around and become target of some anti-protest groups. He added he’s not afraid of being arrested because there were many of them.

Many of the protesters were also chanting "See you at Victoria Park tomorrow", referring to a rally being planned there by some protesters. Some participants also gave away fliers urging people to join the event on Sunday.