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Warning issued to protesters from PLA barracks

2019-10-06 HKT 20:02
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  • Warning issued to protesters from PLA barracks
Protesters in Kowloon Tong were issued with a warning from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) barracks on Sunday evening, in an unprecedented move by the military.

A flag was raised on top of one of the buildings in the army compound, warning those below that they were violating the law and could be prosecuted.

Footage taken by RTHK shows soldiers shining strong flashlights from the barracks at the protesters on Waterloo Road and watching them with binoculars.

Journalists at the scene warned protesters they should stop shining laser pointers in return.

Posts on social media also suggested that a warning was shouted at protesters from the barracks, in Cantonese.

A student at Baptist University, who gave his name as Eric, said he saw soldiers using binoculars earlier in the day to observe what was happening in the university campus, which is next to the barracks.

"It was obviously threatening. They may have been trying to find protesters," he said.

It was believed to have been the first time that the PLA has engaged with protesters during the months of anti-government demonstrations.