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Lawmaker now believes people died at Prince Edward

2019-10-07 HKT 17:07
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  • Lawmaker now believes people died at Prince Edward
Civic Party lawmaker Jeremy Tam was among a group of people paying respects at an entrance to Prince Edward MTR station on Monday afternoon - the day of the Chung Yeung Festival.

Many believe one or more people were killed in the station during police action on August 31 - despite repeated denials by authorities and a lack of evidence.

However Tam says he too now thinks lives were lost there: "Obviously, in the past I thought it's hard to believe there were any casualties on that date."

But he said that after seeing what has happened in the past few weeks, and the way the government and police have handled the situation, he had changed his mind.

Tam said "Now I tend to believe it actually happened, so I should come over here as it is a particularly traditional day show my respects."

As a reason for changing his mind he mentioned in particular the controversy of San Uk Ling - a remote detention centre where police held suspects that was roundly criticised by lawyers and rights groups. Detainees accused police of mistreating them and justices of the peace were denied entry. It is no longer in use following a decision by the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam.