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Court limits scope of police 'doxxing' order

2019-10-29 HKT 01:46
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  • The High Court amended the injunction late on Monday. Image: Shutterstock
    The High Court amended the injunction late on Monday. Image: Shutterstock
The High Court has amended an interim injunction granted to protect the personal data of police and their relatives, adding wording that clarifies the circumstances in which the order applies.

The order now prevents people from releasing personal data on police and their families if their actions are "intended or likely to intimidate, molest, harass, threaten, pester or interfere with" their victims.

The order also now clarifies that police officers' family members are defined as their "parents, children or siblings", as well as their spouse.

The original injunction, granted on Friday, caused concern from lawyers, academics and media groups who complained that its broad wording and lack of definitions could lead to a range of problems, including preventing journalists from doing their work.

There were also concerns that the injunction gave police officers a level of protection from so-called "doxxing" attacks, in which people's personal data is released without their consent, that was not available to members of the public.

Police had complained that many officers and their relatives had been subject to "doxxing" since the anti-extradition protests began in June. However protesters, their supporters and some journalists complained that they, too, had been "doxxed".

It's not clear whether the changes were at the request of the Department of Justice, which sought the original injunction. A full hearing on the injunction is due to take place on November 8 and it will remain in place to them.