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Clashes at Sha Tin mall as riot police storm in

2019-11-03 HKT 14:58
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  • Clashes at Sha Tin mall as riot police storm in
  • Police conduct searches in Sha Tin. Photo: RTHK
    Police conduct searches in Sha Tin. Photo: RTHK
Riot police have taken to the streets in several areas across Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon after calls went out online for people to gather in seven districts to protest against alleged police brutality.

A large group of officers stormed into the New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin soon after 4pm, subduing several people there after several protesters vandalised turnstiles and a customer service booth at the attached MTR station.

Officers at one point pointed guns at angry onlooker. Police fired pepper spray at several people, and some shoppers caught in the middle were visibly frightened – with children crying and families running to the exits.

The police retreated as an angry crowd threw objects at them.

Earlier, about 100 people gathered outside Sha Tin Town Hall. Riot police subdued several people and conducted bag searches on others. There were heated arguments between police and members of the public.

In Tuen Mun, protesters locked themselves in a mall, securing doors with umbrellas and cable ties to prevent police from entering the premises. Riot police outside had at one point raise a blue flag, warning the crowd that they were taking part in an illegal assembly.

The mall was closed for the day shortly before 6pm

Officers also cleared people out of Tamar Park in Admiralty early in the afternoon, saying that the park is being closed due to concerns that an illegal assembly will take place there. They've also blocked off footbridges connecting the park with nearby buildings.

The confrontations follow a day and night of chaos on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon on Saturday. Police arrested more than 200 people and at least 25 people were injured in a series of clashes.
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