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At least one protester shot in Sai Wan Ho

2019-11-11 HKT 08:14
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  • At least one protester shot in Sai Wan Ho
At least one protester was shot at close range in Sai Wan Ho on Monday morning as protesters across the city sought to disrupt traffic as part of a general strike, a live video posted by 'Cupid News' appeared to show.

The incident happened outside at the intersection of Shing On Street and Tai Shek Street just before 8am.

A number of masked protesters were throwing debris out onto the road when a traffic policeman rushed up to confront them.

The officer – wearing a high visibility jacket – drew his weapon and pointed it straight at one protester wearing a white hoodie at point blank range, before putting him in a headlock.

Another protester in a black t-shirt then approached. The officer immediately turned his gun on him.

The man ducked, then swatted at the weapon with his bare hand, before the officer appeared to open fire from a distance of less than half a metre, with the gun aimed at the protester’s torso.

The young man collapsed immediately.

Two more people – one in a black shirt and another in grey – immediately stepped forward to confront the officer, who fired two more shots.

The man in black also fell to the ground.

Riot police soon appeared, helping the traffic officers subdue the protesters.

Angry people started demanding explanations for the shooting, but were pepper sprayed by riot police.

A woman who continued to confront the officers was thrown to the ground, then subdued, as the enraged crowd threw objects at the officers and cursed them.

The entire incident was streamed live on the internet.

An ambulance arrived around six minutes after the shooting, by which time the first man who was shot appeared to be barely moving, lying in a pool of blood.

The camera operator was by this time sobbing as he recounted the shooting to his audience.

Following the shooting, police cordoned off the area, but a large crowd of many hundreds of people quickly gathered at the intersection, yelling abuse at the officers, many of them extremely emotional.

Police ordered them to leave immediately, only to be ignored.

Officers then used bursts of pepper spray on the crowd. Some then left, and officers rushed forward to arrest a few of them.

Protesters are blocking or trying to block roads across Hong Kong as they seek to fulfill their call for the start of the week to be marked by a general strike.

Another video circulating online appears to show a traffic officer on his motorcycle, knocking over several protesters on Hing Fong Road in Kwai Fong. He is seen circling around in an apparent intentional attempt to run people over.
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