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'Police election presence to make voters feel safe'

2019-11-22 HKT 12:41
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  • 'Police election presence to make voters feel safe'
Timmy Sung reports
Police Commissioner Chris Tang says a high-profile presence the force is planning around polling stations on Sunday will make people feel safe.

Tang said on Friday that the deployment is to make sure that people can cast their ballots in the district council elections without any interference.

"Violence may deter people from voting, but having a sufficient police presence...we are there to ensure the safety of the voters," Tang said.

"If there's any violence we will deal with it immediately, without hesitation," he added.

A source confirmed to RTHK that officers will be stationed both inside and outside polling stations in riot gear.

At a media briefing, Tang was also asked about a video being widely shared online which appears to show an officer repeatedly smacking a subdued protester's leg with a baton. The officer is eventually stopped by one of his colleagues.

A reporter asked the police chief whether the force is looking into the matter. His reply was that it's important for officers to bring crime suspects under their total control.

Tang added that there's a mechanism in place to deal with any complaints.
Last updated: 2019-11-22 HKT 16:23