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Tear gas protest passes without incident

2019-12-01 HKT 12:14
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  • Tear gas protest passes without incident
About 200 people marched from Edinburgh Square to the government headquarters on Sunday morning to protest against police use of tear gas.

Many of the group carried yellow balloons. The demonstration was peaceful with no unrest reported.

Many people have voiced concerns over the was police have been using tear gas.

On Thursday the Professional Teachers' Union said two polls it had carried out, involving some 1,500 kindergarten, primary and secondary teachers, found that around half have concerns about whether it is safe for schools to be open due to all the tear gas fired by police recently.

Around half also said their schools had already been affected by tear gas.

The union's president, Fung Wai-wah, said the government needs to release a lot more information about the chemicals involved. (RTHK staff and AP)