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Tear gas in Whampoa as protesters smash up shops

2019-12-01 HKT 21:00
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  • Tear gas in Whampoa as protesters smash up shops
Police fired tear gas on multiple occasions, along with a number of non-lethal projectiles at a raucous crowd in Whampoa on Sunday evening, as protesters smashed up shops, restaurants and traffic lights in the area.

At least one petrol bomb was hurled towards the police, and a fire was set outside an MTR entrance at around 11.15pm.

As riot police rushed in, one officer bumped into an RTHK journalist wearing high-visibility clothing.

He was accused of ‘intentionally’ bumping into the officer, and was stopped and searched for around 10 minutes before he was released.

The force said in a statement that ‘masked rioters’ had ‘recklessly damaged facilities’ and vandalised shops, while others used barricades to block Hung Hom Road and Tak Man Street.

At around midnight, officers took control of a footbridge at Whampoa Garden, where they had accused protesters of hiding. Several security guards of the private residence asked police if the area was now ‘off limits’, to which one officer answered ‘yes’.

Some residents were upset at the presence of police on their podium, asking why they were there.

Earlier in the evening, masked protesters were seen smashing up traffic lights, and several restaurants and shops deemed to be hostile towards the protest movement. Bricks and other debris were strewn all over the road in a bid to block traffic.

A large crowd of people had been on the street for hours heckling the officers. Many shone their phone torches at police, shouted slogans, and sang songs mocking officers.

Police responded by shining their high-intensity lights back at the people. Officers also subdued at least two people.

At least one officer was spotted having put a miniature ‘black flag’ – mimicking the large flags used to warn people of the imminent use of tear-gas – instead of his warrant card on the right side of his chest.

In Mong Kok, black-shirt protesters set up a makeshift road block at the intersection of Nathan Road and Dundas Street and set it on fire.

Large numbers of riot police then showed up and ordered people to disperse. A number of people got their identity cards checked. At one point, an officer told a person in a wheelchair "Don't come out if you're in a wheelchair". Another person was asked "You think you can break the law just because you've got the public on your side?"

A number of people got their identity cards checked. At least two men were taken away.

Past midnight, police used pepper spray on a man after his family got involved in a verbal back-and-forth with officers.Tear gas was also deployed near the intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street after people tried to set up makeshift roadblocks on the streets.

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