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Ice lolly helps vendor stay cool despite tear gas

2019-12-01 HKT 21:31
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  • Ice lolly helps vendor stay cool despite tear gas
An elderly ice-cream vendor found a novel way to relieve the sting of tear gas after he found himself enveloped in a cloud of the noxious gas on Sunday: eating an ice lolly.

Happily munching away on a purple lolly shortly after getting caught up in a cloud of tear smoke, the man explained that it makes him feel better because it makes him breathe more, and adds a welcome bit of moisture to his mouth.

He told reporters the area by the Space Museum on Salisbury Road is his favoured haunt every weekend to set up his ice-cream and beverage cart, and he had no idea that a protest had been planned.

“Suddenly there were a lot of people today,” he said. “Water was the hot seller. They drank it all!”

He didn’t seem the least bit perturbed at the riot police, wearing full face masks and brandishing shotguns just a few paces behind him, as he snacked on his own wares.

“They shot something… some white smoke. I don’t know what they call it”, he explained.

“It stung my eyes, but someone helped me wash my eyes out afterwards, and it made me feel better.”

The man was led away by a volunteer medic when the area around his cart was inundated with smoke. He also found some relief by wiping his face afterwards with a wet towel.

But while he welcomed the help from the first-aider, he maintains that it’s the ice-lolly that did the best job of countering the effects of tear gas.