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Strip police pay rises from funding bid: pan-dems

2019-12-09 HKT 16:27
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  • Strip police pay rises from funding bid: pan-dems
Around 400 pro-democracy district councillors and lawmakers have written to the government asking it to exclude the police from its funding request for pay rises for the city's civil servants.

They say the public's discontent with the force relating to the protests over the past six months means there must be a separate discussion on salary increases for officers.

Back in June, the Chief Executive-in-Council decided to give senior civil servants pay rises of 4.75 percent, and increases of 5.26 percent for those in the lower and middle salary bands, with these adjustments also applying to police officers.

But with Legco closing early for the summer recess due to the serious vandalism caused when the building was stormed by protesters on July 1, lawmakers did not have time to discuss the move and it remains on the agenda for the finance committee.

The convenor of the pro-democracy camp, Tanya Chan, said the government would be wrong to ignore the district councillors' demand to treat pay rises for the police as a separate issue, in light of the pro-democracy camp's overwhelming success in last month's elections.

"They are actually reflecting 1,700,000 people's will. We are talking about police brutality. We would like this item to be taken out and discussed thoroughly [so that] it won't affect other items," Chan said.