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Noon marchers at Taikoo riled by fund closedown

2019-12-20 HKT 15:13
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  • Noon marchers at Taikoo riled by fund closedown
Several dozen people marched from Taikoo Shing to MTR station exits on Kings Road on Friday and posted handbills in support of the pro-democracy protests, as they expressed anger at police action against a group which was helping protesters through crowdfunding.

The 'Lennon Wall' outside the MTR exits near Kornhill Plaza, which had hundreds of posters at one time, was cleared a few days back by the rail operator. But the group, mostly white-collar workers in the area, gathered outside the One Island East building and marched to Kings Road to paste posters on the wall again.

Some of the posters they put up were to oppose action against Spark Alliance, who police say may have broken anti-money laundering laws. HK$70 million has been frozen.

One of the marchers, surnamed Chan, said he had contributed to the alliance as they were helping people who "were fighting for democracy".

Chan, who works in the engineering sector, also held a placard which said "Many officials are corrupt, but common people are stopped from even making a donation", words that seemed to be have been borrowed from a similar Chinese idiom.

He said officials are cracking down on people who support the protesters. "It is their idea to block all the activity that has supported the protests for democracy," said Chan.

Another man in the group, surnamed Lee, who said he was an intern, said the police action was political suppression. "It is unreasonable to arrest people who manage the account or arrest people who donated funds [which were] helping the arrested people," he said. "It is nonsense."

A few vans of armed police arrived at the scene later on, but most of the crowd had left after putting up their new posters.

Some residents of the area were also among the crowd that lingered around. A woman surnamed Wan arrived with her young daughter in tow.

Wan said she had picked up her daughter from kindergarten and decided to join the action to show her support as she was upset that the Lennon Wall had been torn down several times.

"I just went past this wall and it was completely empty, and now it is completely filled," she said.

She said as a person with a young family, she doesn't get time to join protests. So Lennon Walls are a good way to express our opinions, said Wan.