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Spark Alliance supporters rally in Central

2019-12-23 HKT 20:30
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  • Spark Alliance supporters rally in Central
More than a thousand people on Monday joined a rally in Central in support of Spark Alliance HK, a fund that supports anti-government protesters.

Last week, police arrested four people from the fund, saying they were suspected of money laundering. Authorities also moved to freeze HK$70 million in the fund’s bank account.

Lawyers and protesters at the rally accused the police of suppressing the ongoing protests by making up the allegation.

The rally's organisers said they wanted the US government to sanction pro-Beijing companies that are found to have violated human rights when they move money offshore, and limit their use of the US dollar to clear their international transactions.

They said that was needed to maintain Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre.

The organisers warned that as the Alliance and dissidents are being suppressed, next in line could be foreign and local businesses and assets belonging to individuals that "do not obey to Beijing orders".

A demonstrator, Fion, said she had to attend the rally because the government's suppression of the Alliance is obvious.

"Donating to the fund is the most peaceful way in support of the [anti-government] movement. I don't see anything illegal about it," she said.

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