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Rally held to demand Lam Cheuk-ting's arrest

2020-01-12 HKT 18:38
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  • Rally held to demand Lam Cheuk-ting's arrest
Dozens of people held a rally in Yuen Long on Sunday to urge the police to arrest Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting over what they claim is his role in prompting a mob attack on protesters and passersby in the district in July last year.

Participants echoed accusations previously leveled against Lam by controversial pro-Beijing legislator Junius Ho and others – that the pro-democracy lawmaker had incited a group of black-clad rioters into Yuen Long.

Rallygoers said the mob of pole-wielding men in white who then launched a seemingly indiscriminate attack in and around the MTR station, injuring at least 45, were just ‘protecting their home’.

They claim nothing would have happened had Lam and his black-shirted rioters not shown up.

"No Lam Cheuk-ting, No July 21st incident!" they chanted.

This narrative has become increasingly common among police supporters in recent weeks, with even a prominent police spokesman, senior superintendent Kong Wing-cheung, telling an interview with Cable TV last month that protesters had been brought to Yuen Long on July 21 to cause trouble.

Lam was among those who were hospitalised following the attack, sustaining a wound to his mouth that required 18 stitches.

He said people pushing this false allegation has been distorting the truth, noting that security camera footage clearly shows that the white-clad mob had been attacking people even before he arrived.

During Sunday’s rally, riot police had to intervene to separate a group of protesters from a Ming Pao Daily journalist was surrounded.

They’re alleged to have pushed and kicked her, and demanded to see her identity card.

At one point, when the procession passed a police station, some made a heart-shape using their arms, with some yelling out, "I support the good guys!" and "Good job, sir!"

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