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Ban upheld on Sunday march, police cite 'bomb finds'

2020-01-17 HKT 18:33
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  • Ban upheld on Sunday march, police cite 'bomb finds'
An appeal board on Friday unanimously agreed to uphold a police ban on a march on Hong Kong Island this Sunday, which was to call for global sanctions against any officials who damage human rights in the SAR.

Instead of a march from Central to Causeway Bay, the police have only given permission for a rally at the proposed starting point, Chater Road, citing fears that a march could lead to violence.

The force also said it had made recent bomb and gun finds, and this was another risk factor.

Protest organiser Ventus Lau said the march ban is politically driven, but people should still join the approved rally from 2pm.

"It’s clear that police don't want us to be connected with the international society and to ask for international sanctions. However, I believe Hongkongers will insist on such demands and I believe the world with stand with us," he said.

Lau also said participants should be wary about the actions of riot police "because they are not under control."

Police said they were relieved the march will remain banned, and their move was aimed at protecting public order and safety.

"Although the procession has been objected [to], the public can still express their views and demands peacefully in a public meeting this Sunday. The police urge the public to disassociate [themselves] from any illegal and violent acts," said chief inspector Kwong Ho-ming.