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Police chief sued for damages over Yuen Long attack

2020-01-21 HKT 17:02
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  • Police chief sued for damages over Yuen Long attack
Eight people who say they were seriously injured in the July 21 Yuen Long attacks on Tuesday have filed a lawsuit against the Commissioner of Police for HK$2.7 million in damages – six months to the day after a mob of white-clad men rampaged through the district, indiscriminately beating dozens of people.

The writ, filed on behalf of Democratic Party legislator Lam Cheuk-ting and seven others, say the police are liable for their injuries because officers breached their statutory duties to protect the public and preserve the peace.

The plaintiffs say police had made a “deliberate decision not to take any or any sufficient measures in Yuen Long district” on the night of the attacks, and that they had “intentionally made a decision to allow, permit and condone the organised assaults to take place and continue.”

The lawsuit also alleges that officers at the scene had allowed the assailants to leave the scene when they finally arrived 39 minutes after the attack started, even though they were holding weapons.

The writ asks the High Court to find whether police had conspired with the assailants or had some kind of agreement – tacit or otherwise – with them that “jointly effected the Yuen Long attacks.”

The lawsuit contains details of how officers were warned of the possibility of gang violence days before the attack and had repeatedly acknowledged concerns from district councillors during the assault on July 21 with repeated assurances that proper steps were being taken.

The government has two weeks to respond to the writ.

Lam said it had taken six months to collect witness statements and uncover new video of the events of that day.

He said they have no confidence in the police force and had no choice but to seek justice with the prosecution.

“Our court case is not just for our compensation”, Lam said. “We are looking for our justice for the victims and for Hong Kong.”