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No need for panic in Hong Kong: CUHK expert

2020-01-23 HKT 11:22
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  • No need for panic in Hong Kong: CUHK expert
David Hui talks to RTHK's Janice Wong
An expert in respiratory medicine at the Chinese University said on Thursday that people in Hong Kong need not panic about the Wuhan virus, as two imported cases in the SAR were quickly caught and the patients isolated to prevent the illness spreading in the community.

But David Hui said the government should now consider introducing health declarations at the express rail terminus in West Kowloon.

"We only have two imported cases and they have been isolated quickly. There is no spread to the community. So at the moment we are actually still quite safe," said Hui.

"I think the usual activities should go on. Of course, everyone should maintain good personal hygiene, whether you are going to school ... or crowded areas. Make sure you wear a surgical mask and wash your hands regularly," the expert said.

Hui said temperature checks alone may not be sufficient, as even during the Sars outbreak in 2003, some of the cases did not have fever.

"At the moment they have the thermal scanner at the airport and also at the high-speed train station. They may need to consider doing health questionnaires in the high-speed train station," he said.

Hui told RTHK's Janice Wong that as the health declarations are not foolproof, authorities should attach a penalty clause if false information is supplied.