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Govt not to drop appeal over anti-facemask law

2020-01-25 HKT 19:31
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  • Govt not to drop appeal over anti-facemask law
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Saturday that government will not drop an appeal over the anti-mask law, but said people should wear face masks in crowded place or if they are feeling unwell.

"But of course you can wear a face mask all the time, but you have to think about what's best for fighting the disease," she said.

Lam had enacted a ban on people wearing face masks at public events, invoking a colonial era emergency ordinance. But a judicial challenge by opposition lawmakers saw the court put the law in a limbo as it waits for a final decision.

When asked if the government would drop its appeal in wake of the new coronavirus outbreak, Lam said the appeal is not focused on the anti-mask law, but more on the power of the Chief Executive to enact laws during an emergency situation.

"It is an appeal to make sure that there is this constitutional validity of the Emergency regulation Ordinance," said Lam.

The head of the medicine faculty at University of Hong Kong, Gabriel Leung, who addressed the media along with Lam urged people to wear face masks when going out as a precaution. He also said people who do not have eye problems can also have a zero power lens as a way to protect their eyes.

Leung said though there is no local transmission in Hong Kong at present, but preparations were still needed as this may start occurring in a weeks time.