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Police pepper-spray anti-virus clinic protesters

2020-02-16 HKT 23:20
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  • Police pepper-spray anti-virus clinic protesters
Police repeatedly deployed pepper spray against protesters in Kowloon Bay on Sunday night during a demonstration against the government’s decision to set up a coronavirus clinic in the area.

Several reporters, including two RTHK video journalists, were struck by pepper spray even as they were complying with police demands to retreat.

Some people had tried to block roads around Richland Gardens with rubbish bins and other debris at one point, prompting riot police to rush into the estate to try to disperse them.

At least one man was taken away.

Earlier, protesters had walked around the estate, chanting slogans against the designated clinics, saying they are too close to residential areas.

“We have to save our own homes!” they chanted.

Some had waved black banners bearing the words, ‘Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our times’ – a familiar refrain from the months of anti-government protests.

The government has said designated clinics across Hong Kong would be used to treat patients with mild cases of the coronavirus if the epidemic worsens – to lighten the load on public hospitals, and save patients from long journeys.

However, the move has seen strident opposition from many districts.