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Hongkongers will have to pay for Peru rescue flight

2020-03-31 HKT 23:40
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The government on Tuesday said it was arranging a charter flight to bring back Hongkongers stranded in Peru. But unlike those on board other government-chartered flights, they will have to pay for the journey home.

Peru has imposed travel restrictions because of the Covid-19 outbreak, making it difficult for visitors to leave.

After liaising with airlines and the Chinese embassy there, the Hong Kong government is now arranging a charter flight to bring home some 80 Hongkongers stranded there.

It's scheduled to leave Lima on Friday for London, where travellers will then transfer to another flight to fly back to Hong Kong.

Hongkongers scattered in different parts of Peru would have to arrive at the airport in Lima by noon on Friday, local time.

The SAR government said it's working to arrange flights to bring some 30 people from Cusco to Lima, and is asking local travel agencies or transport companies to help those elsewhere in the country.

Those who want to board the charter flight would have to contact officials by Tuesday local time if they haven't already done so.

Those with symptoms will be refused boarding, and everyone will have to be quarantined for 14 days after returning to Hong Kong.

One Hong Kong visitor died in Peru last week after contracting Covid-19.