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HK needs new national security laws: liaison chief

2020-04-15 HKT 10:48
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  • HK needs new national security laws: liaison chief
The head of Beijing’s liaison office, Luo Huining, says Hong Kong needs to bring in new national security legislation "as soon as possible", to combat radical violence, foreign interference and pro-independence forces.

In a video clip released on Wednesday to mark "National Security Education Day", he said maintaining national security means maintaining the fundamental interests of Hong Kong.

The former Shanxi Communist Party secretary who replaced Wang Zhimin as liaison office chief in January alleged that external forces have been seriously intervening in Hong Kong affairs in recent years.

He said the anti-government protest movement which erupted last summer has dealt a major blow to the rule of law.

He added that the unrest has been orchestrated by pro-independence and radical violent forces and has seriously threatened national security and the bottom line of the One Country, Two Systems principle.

Luo also said that the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic is also a major national security issue.

He warned that while some in society are working to contain the covid-19 epidemic, there are others just waiting for the opportunity to start fires, block roads, make explosives, and threaten the safety of the public.

He said that some people taking part in illegal activities have not been punished, warning that if the “anthill” that destroys the rule of law is not cleared away or eliminated, then it will destroy the "dam" that is national security.

Luo also said that the rule of law is the last line of defence for justice, but it may not hold up if it is the only hope, and society could have to pay a heavy price.

Public healthcare security is a major theme of the mainland's campaign for "National Security Education Day", which has been held annually since 2016.