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Pattern of home-made terrorism emerging: John Lee

2020-04-15 HKT 13:15
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  • Pattern of home-made terrorism emerging: John Lee
Security Secretary John Lee said on Wednesday that seizures of “explosive material” by the Hong Kong police in recent months are an indication of a growing threat, adding that the pattern is similar to home-made terrorism in foreign countries.

The police have made several raids in recent times and seized alleged explosives, though there have been no convictions so far over these findings.

Speaking at the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute’s Hong Kong Vision Project, Lee said that the first indications of such troubles came in July last year when the police said they found home-made explosives after a raid.

After that there were multiple such findings by police and in one incident about “10 kilogrammes of explosives” were found near a school, Lee said. There was enough explosives to destroy the building, said the security chief, who is a former police official.

At the beginning of this year, there were three incidents within a week when “explosives” were seized by police, he said while taking part in a web seminar on national security.

Someone is trying to coerce the government to change its policies through violence and this method is similar to foreign domestic terrorism, said Lee.

He also referred to the banning of the Hong Kong National Party, saying it endangered national security, and said outlawing it was a stern message to society.

Lee said there are still people who advocate Hong Kong independence, and if there are illegal acts, they will be handled in accordance with the law.

He also described the delay in passing Article 23 national security legislation as a flaw. However, it must be passed by the Legislative Council, and efforts will continue to create an environment for that, he said.

Taking part in the same event, Police Commissioner Chris Tang also said the increased levels in violence seen in Hong Kong since last year’s protests had some terrorist elements.

Tang also criticised those who did not condemn the violence, saying that such acts were being romanticised and people were being encouraged to commit similar acts.

He said the police force will also boost manpower for its counter-terrorism operations and strengthen intelligence gathering.

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