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Police arrest over a dozen pro-democracy figures

2020-04-18 HKT 13:02
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  • Police arrest over a dozen pro-democracy figures
Police arrested 14 high-profile pro-democracy figures on Saturday, in connection with several anti-government protests last year.

Police were seen outside the home of media tycoon Jimmy Lai, with others arrested believed to include veteran pro-democracy figures Martin Lee, Albert Ho, Yeung Sum, Sin Chung-kai, Lee Cheuk-yan.

The list also included disqualified legislator Leung Kwok-hung, former legislator Au Nok-hin, Civil Human Rights Front vice-convenor Figo Chan, and activists Raphael Wong, Avery Ng and Richard Tsoi.

Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting said on social media that former Labour Party legislator Cyd Ho had also been arrested.

A Civic Party post said former legislator Margaret Ng was to be arrested at 3pm.

The arrests were in relation to a massive rally held on Hong Kong Island on August 18 last year, as well as protests on National Day and October 20.

Some of those arrested were taken to Cheung Sha Wan Police Station, where around 20 members of the Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU), Labour Party and League of Social Democrats staged a protest on Saturday afternoon.

Police used loudspeakers to warn them to disperse or they could be charged. The demonstrators said they did not need police approval to assemble there.

The group also appeared to be running the risk of breaching a law limiting public gatherings to no more than four people due to the coronavirus outbreak.

CTU chairwoman Carol Ng said police had deliberately arrested many well-known figures to scare people into silence.

"Police are acting on behalf of the government. They are simply copying what the mainland Chinese government is doing. Because in mainland China, they do massive arrests in one day. They just copy each other now," Ng said.

"But, no matter what type of arrests they do, it won't scare the Hong Kong people from coming forward. The determination is definitely still there."
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