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Writing's on the wall for me, says Dennis Kwok

2020-04-21 HKT 18:05
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  • Writing's on the wall for me, says Dennis Kwok
Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok became emotional on Tuesday as he conceded that "the writing is on the wall" for him as a lawmaker, and urged the people of Hong Kong never to give up their fight for democracy and freedom being as they are "the last line of defence".

Kwok's appeal came after the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) issued a fresh statement accusing him of breaching his oath of office and warning that nobody would expect Beijing to sit idly by while he "hinders the effective operation of Hong Kong’s political system, the constitution, and the constitutional order of the SAR".

The statement, one of three regarding Hong Kong affairs issued by the HKMAO on Tuesday, was referring to the way Kwok has presided over meetings of Legco's House Committee, which has failed for months to elect a chairperson due to filibustering.

It was the second time in just over a week that Beijing had called for Kwok to be prosecuted.

"The Central People's Government are now exercising their so-called 'comprehensive jurisdiction' over every aspect of Hong Kong domestic affairs," Kwok said.

He added that Hong Kong is now seeing the "complete demolition" of One Country, Two Systems, and he expects to be disqualified as a lawmaker as part of this process.

"As for myself, their intention of disqualifying me as a Legislative Council member is very clear. The writing is on the wall. Being able to have the opportunity to defend and fight for democracy, rule of law, and freedom for and on behalf of the Hong Kong people, this is the glory for me," he said.

"I will continue to do what God has called upon me to do to the very last minute, until I can no longer do it anymore... But my brothers and sisters who are here, they will not give up. And the Hong Kong people, I hope, will never give up. Because you are the only and last line of defence. If you give up, then we lose."

Kwok was flanked by other members of the pro-democracy camp, and they chanted "Hong Kong people, add oil" after he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, the city's biggest pro-Beijing party, the DAB, offered a completely different take on what the new statements from the HKMAO signify.

It said Beijing is seeking to prevent the opposition camp's efforts to bring about the "mutual destruction" of Hong Kong and the central government.

The party agreed with the HKMAO that pro-democracy lawmakers have breached their oaths of office, and said the SAR government should follow the issue up.