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All quarantined pets cleared of coronavirus

2020-04-27 HKT 17:29
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  • All quarantined pets cleared of coronavirus
Two dogs and a cat which had tested positive for the coronavirus have recovered without receiving any treatment, a government official said on Monday.

They were among 52 animals, including 32 dogs, 18 cats and two hamsters, that were put under quarantine after their owners were infected with the new coronavirus.

All of them have since been released.

The Director for Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation, Leung Siu-fai, said the two dogs and a cat which tested positive for Covid-19 had low viral loads and did not show any symptoms.

He said officials gave the animals back to their owners after they repeatedly tested negative for the virus.

Leung said the animals are believed to have caught the virus from their owners.

He urged people with pets not to be overly worried as experts say the transmissibility of the new coronavirus in mammals other than humans is low.

But he reminded people to maintain personal hygiene and avoid acts like kissing their pets.