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Police looking for foreign links to HK 'terrorists'

2020-05-27 HKT 13:24
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  • Police looking for foreign links to HK 'terrorists'
Security Secretary John Lee told legislators on Wednesday that the authorities are investigating whether people arrested over recent "bomb and gun finds" in Hong Kong have any links to foreign organisations.

Lee again warned there are signs that "local terrorism" is growing in the SAR.

He said the current terrorism threat to the city remains "moderate", but various government departments have been instructed to increase their preparedness.

The new national security law Beijing is preparing to implement in Hong Kong is expected to cover terrorist activities, with officials citing "acts of terrorism" connected to anti-government protests as a reason for imposing the new legislation.

But Lee suggested in Legco on Wednesday that the authorities could use existing anti-terrorism legislation to prosecute offenders if there is sufficient evidence.

"When investigating offenders we also check if they have foreign ties. Because in the anti-terrorism laws, it is provided that if some individuals are already defined as members of a terrorist organisation by the United Nations, and if the offender is an affiliated person of these terrorists, then the UN Anti-Terrorism Measures law applies," Lee said.

In January, the security chief said the tactics used by Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters revealed that they had been given outside help and the authorities believed some had received training from "foreigners".

Lee said he didn't believe that a "handful of rioters" could have organised such major events and he had read online that some protesters had taken part in training provided by overseas groups.