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Group tear up BN(O) passports in consulate protest

2020-06-06 HKT 13:19
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  • Group tear up BN(O) passports in consulate protest
A group of prominent pro-establishment citizens tore up their British National (Overseas) passports outside the British consulate in Admiralty on Saturday, in a protest against London's plan to give people with BN(O) status greater rights to live in the UK.

The group of half a dozen, some of who, are known for strident social media posts backing the police and pro-establishment politicians, said the BN(O) passports were simply travel documents that Hong Kong people had absolutely no need for. Three of them tore up their own passports.

The group said Britain's promise to increase the rights of BN(O) passport-holders to live in the UK was simply a political gesture and called on London to stay out of China's internal affairs.

"We are Chinese," the group said in unison. "I am here to state solemnly: I am a holder of HKSAR passport – nothing more. I unwaveringly stand by 'One Country, Two Systems'. I fully support the national security law."

They added: "Peace in China! Peace in Hong Kong!"

Later they explained that at least two of the passports they tore up during the demonstrations were expired ones as they had destroyed the valid ones earlier to post a protest video on Youtube.

Britain announced last month that, if Beijing failed to withdraw its plan to impose a national security law for Hong Kong, it would allow BN(O) holders to reside in the UK for renewable periods of up to a year and to seek work there. British politicians say that will allow a path to citizenship.

About 350,000 people in Hong Kong currently hold British National (Overseas) passports, which allow visa-free access to Britain for up to six months, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this week. A further 2.5 million people would be eligible to apply for one.

Last updated: 2020-06-06 HKT 20:45