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Charles Mok says RTHK announcement 'deeply worrying'

2020-06-12 HKT 09:05
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  • Charles Mok says RTHK announcement 'deeply worrying'
IT sector lawmaker Charles Mok said on Friday that he was "deeply worried" the government may install someone from the administration as RTHK's deputy director of broadcasting following the resignation of Kirindi Chan.

Mok said senior management of the broadcaster has been under immense pressure from the government in recent years over the programmes it produces.

Mok, who is also an advisor of the station, said: "We’re deeply worried that the government may take this opportunity to insert other people from the government – possibly including administrative officers – to take over this very important position that actually will be able to influence, and dictate, and direct many of the programme production directions."

"So this is on very critical post that has to be taken up by a professional within the ranks of RTHK’s own professional staff, and we hope that that will be continued.”

Meanwhile, DAB lawmaker Elizabeth Quat said it does not matter if Chan's replacement comes from within RTHK or outside.

"The most important is to find the best talent that can better manage RTHK as a whole, so I think this is a chance for the government to review the overall management of RTHK and find the right person for this position,” Quat said.

The comments come after the station announced Chan had resigned citing health reasons.

Her resignation comes as the public broadcaster is embroiled in a series of controversies regarding the impartiality of its programmes.

On Thursday, RTHK's spokesperson, Amen Ng, brushed aside speculation that Chan's resignation had to do with these controversies, saying that Director of Broadcasting Leung Ka-wing was shocked by the resignation and had tried very hard to persuade his deputy to stay.

Chan submitted her resignation on June 1, and it will take effect in September.