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Maids 'get raw deal over coronavirus'

2020-06-28 HKT 17:06
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  • Maids 'get raw deal over coronavirus'
Foreign domestic helpers have complained about increased discrimination during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a survey by the Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions, helpers spoke about double standards over the possible spread of the virus.

The federation's secretary, Shiella Estrada, said some employers worry their helpers may be infected when they go out on their day off, but they don't appear to be too concerned about themselves, or friends whom they invited to their homes, carrying the virus.

Estrada also spoke about the termination of contracts. She spoke about cases in which helpers lost their jobs amid the pandemic.

She said in one case, the contract of a helper was terminated after she returned from the Philippines from holiday and completed a 14-day quarantine here. The helper said her employer was still concerned that she might be infected, despite having tested negative.

Estrada also said helpers face discrimination in everyday life. She said some shops don't allow them to stay, saying they may have the virus.

She urged the Equal Opportunities Commission to set up a task force to deal with such complaints.