Pro-Beijing group urges US to 'stop meddling in HK' - RTHK
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Pro-Beijing group urges US to 'stop meddling in HK'

2020-07-02 HKT 14:12
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  • Pro-Beijing group urges US to 'stop meddling in HK'
Holden Chow speaks to RTHK's Frances Sit
Dozens of pro-Beijing activists and lawmakers staged a protest at the US Consulate on Thursday, urging Washington to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs.

The group said it collected 1.6 million signatures online supporting their call.

The consulate did not send a representative to receive them.

DAB lawmaker Holden Chow said the signatures they collected show the true voice of Hong Kong people.

“For those who came out to carry on with their violent protests, and I believe that they still are the minority of society,” he said. “We denounce their violence, and especially the very brutal behavior of using a motorbike to crash on the police.”

“This is unacceptable for Hong Kong people and especially it also heralds the need of us to enact the national security law to protect the safety of Hong Kong people.”

Chow told RTHK’s Frances Sit that “every single country, even including the United States and other foreign nations, they have a whole set of very draconian national security law to safeguard their own national security.”

He said this shows that these countries are holding a “double standard”, as they are railing against the introduction of national security laws in Hong Kong.

Chow also said this new law would protect the city’s safe business environment.

“Imagine if there is no safety, imagine if the turmoil continues for years to come, who would be eager to invest in Hong Kong in the long run?”

He said he personally did not fear threats of sanctions from overseas, and the vast majority of Hong Kong people as well as businesses need not worry either.

“Every single year, with the US as an example, they have actually earned a trade surplus of around US$30 billion… so if they carry on with any kind of sanctions on Hong Kong, it definitely would cause huge damage to the US as opposed to us.”

Chow added that if the US continues to “meddle” in Hong Kong’s affairs, he believes the central government could impose their own countermeasures.