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Opposition may win 45 plus seats in Legco: Benny Tai

2020-07-13 HKT 11:28
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  • Opposition may win 45 plus seats in Legco: Benny Tai
Jimmy Choi reports
An organiser of the pro-democracy camp's primary election, Benny Tai, said on Monday that he feels the camp may win up to 45 seats in Legco, claiming he is seeing a trend of many pro-establishment supporters turning "yellow" after the new security law was enacted.

The co-founder of the Occupy Central movement in 2014 said if the trend of “blue turning yellow” sustains, this will see opposition winning more functional constituency seats, on top of the 35 geographical constituency seats up for grabs during the Legco elections in September.

“Now they may be also very dissatisfied with present situation, with the enactment of the new national security law. So how can they defend the values of Hong Kong, the core values of Hong Kong? Ironically this time they have to vote for yellow candidates, candidates of the democratic camp,” the University of Hong Kong law academic said.

Tai said the effects of such a swing could reach beyond the directly-elected geographical constituency seats, to affect results of functional constituency elections which in the past have tilted firmly towards pro-establishment candidates.

"If the pro-democracy candidates win in the functional constituencies, it will be 45 plus, not just 35 plus,” he said.

Tai said that turnout in the weekend primaries by the pan-democratic camp shows that people in Hong Kong want an actual democratic system, and their demands aren't mere slogans.

He said it's a "miracle" that more than 600,000 people turned up to cast their votes in the two-day elections.

"It shows clearly that Hong Kong people are very determined to have democracy, also to practice democracy, not only shouting slogans that we want democracy," he said.

Asked what will happen if the candidates picked through the primaries get disqualified before the September Legco election, Tai said the disqualified winners can then nominate their choices to run for the seat.