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Lawmakers should stay and help fight Covid: CY Leung

2020-08-12 HKT 17:37
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  • CY Leung says he will go for free Covid-19 testing. Photo: Xinhua
    CY Leung says he will go for free Covid-19 testing. Photo: Xinhua
Former Chief Executive CY Leung has voiced support for a decision by the National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) to extend the current Legco term, saying the move is backed by most Hong Kong people and allows the city to focus on the fight against Covid-19.

In an interview with Xinhua, Leung, who's now a vice-chairman of the top advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, hopes all incumbents who stay on – regardless of their political stances – would assume their responsibility to work with the government to contain the epidemic and work towards an economic recovery.

He called the NPCSC decision "reasonable" and "legitimate".

And as opposition lawmakers considered whether they would remain, one of them, Cheng Chung-tai of Civic Passion, indicated on Wednesday that he would do so.

While some in the pan-democratic camp have called for a boycott of what they see as "Beijing's provisional Legco", Cheng said the situation now is different from 1997 when the provisional legislature was set up, because elected lawmakers are allowed to stay on this time.

Pro-establishment lawmakers appealed to their pan-democratic counterparts not to boycott the legislative.

"Hong Kong is now at a critical juncture. If we cannot fight successfully the coronavirus, Hong Kong's economy and Hong Kong people's livelihoods are at risk," DAB chairwoman Starry Lee said. "This year is very important for Hong Kong society to move forward."

But she also said the legislature should not shy away from other controversial matters in the coming year.

On government plans to begin free voluntary coronavirus testing for all Hong Kong residents with the help of a mainland support team and three national service providers, the former Chief Executive said he and his family members will sign up for the tests.

Leung said the mainland professionals would significantly enhance Hong Kong's testing capacity.

He also said claims that DNA data on those tested would be sent across the border are just rumours being spread by the opposition camp as part of their usual smear tactics.
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