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Don't cede Legco to pro-Beijing camp: Claudia Mo

2020-09-27 HKT 09:24
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  • Claudia Mo says she wants to stay in Legco for its extended term. Photo: RTHK
    Claudia Mo says she wants to stay in Legco for its extended term. Photo: RTHK
Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo says she underwent a "psychic tug-of-war" over whether to stay in the Legislative Council for the coming year, but came to the conclusion that it would be wrong to allow Beijing loyalists free rein.

She was speaking ahead of the results of a poll of pan-democrat supporters which will decide whether she and 14 other pan-democrats will stay in Legco after the postponement of the September 6 election. Results are expected on Tuesday.

The government called off the poll, citing a resurgence in the Covid-19 pandemic. Beijing then approved the extension of the term of the 70 legislators, a move pan-democrats said was unconstitutional and left Legco without a proper mandate to continue its work.

Speaking on RTHK's Letter to Hong Kong programme, Mo said: "If results of an opinion poll ... commissioned by the Democratic Party tell us to go – easy, we’ll just pack up.

"But I'm hoping for the opposite. I for one would want to keep staying on the Legco front line, standing up for what I believe. Nothing egotistical about it. We will simply take what's left and fight it out."

She cautioned against allowing government supporters to continue in Legco without opposition for the year ahead.

"Beijing loyalists and the pro-government type would keep on politely tip-toeing around issues so as not to offend the authorities, they would keep
on spinning mistruths. The democrats can counter that performance," the Council Front lawmaker added.

"At a time when Hong Kong is politically, financially going down the tubes, with our young in particular feeling helpless, at a time when hope seems to be dismissed and punishment dealt, when discontent could morph into pure hate and antipathy to the government, democrats should help by not
abandoning any battle line."