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Sanctions, criticism won't deter us, Carrie Lam says

2020-10-01 HKT 09:16
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  • Sanctions, criticism won't deter us, Carrie Lam says
The Chief Executive Carrie Lam has marked National Day by lashing out at foreign governments who've been criticising Hong Kong's national security law, saying the legislation has restored social order to the SAR after months of anti-government unrest.

In her speech at the National Day reception at the convention centre in Wan Chai, Lam said she and her administration are committed to fully implementing the legislation imposed in July by Beijing.

“Even if some governments that hold double standards level unreasonable accusations against local agencies that enforce the law, or even belligerently impose further so-called sanctions against SAR officials who safeguard national security, my relevant colleagues and I will continue to unwaveringly and lawfully fulfill our duty to safeguard national security without fear or favour”, Lam told the audience to a round of applause.

The CE also said the law has restored social order to Hong Kong following last year's social unrest.

She said it’s clear for all to see that a safe and stable environment is necessary for Hong Kong to overcome its economic challenges, and to satisfy the people’s demand for democracy and a better livelihood.

“The undisputable truth that’s been placed before our eyes over the past three months is that stability has been restored in Hong Kong. National security is being protected in the SAR, and people can once again enjoy their basic rights and freedoms”, she said.

The CE also lavished praise on the mainland's achievements in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, saying their recovery is one lone bright spot among the world’s largest economies.

Lam said this further shows how the focus of the global economy is shifting from the west, to the east.

And Beijing’s support to Hong Kong on the city’s universal testing scheme, she said, once again demonstrates the country’s firm backing to the SAR.

No matter what challenges Hong Kong faces, she said, the central authorities are always the strong shield that helps preserve the city’s prosperity.

The CE stressed that Hong Kong can address its economic woes by seizing upon new opportunities for growth with the support of the central authorities.