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Eagle-eyed cops keep watch on Lion Rock hikers

2020-10-01 HKT 22:50
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  • Eagle-eyed cops keep watch on Lion Rock hikers
A group of people hiked up to the Lion Rock on Thursday night and shone lights from the iconic mountain top, while police officers were seen in the area to conduct searches on some hikers.

Footage showed dozens of people gathered on top of the iconic mountain in the mid-autumn festival, like how thousands of protesters did in the same festival last year.

About a year ago, hikers formed a human chain and shone laser lights from the same site to press demands of the anti-government protesters, at the height of Hong Kong's social unrest last year.

A year later, it's reported that there were over 100 people at the peak on Thursday night.

Banners that say "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times" sprung up again on the mountain top, and songs and slogans often heard in the protests were once again heard there.

Some officers had prevented some citizens from going up from around 9pm, and some footage showed some hikers who were leaving the site being asked for their personal information.

Some hikers told reporters when they were heading up, police officers present there asked them to show their ID cards and conducted checks on their bags before they’re allowed to go up.

Some officers reportedly told a few hikers that there could be an illegal assembly on the mountain top, and that they're not allowed to go up "for the sake of the citizens' safety".