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Ted Hui eighth pan-dem arrested over Legco mayhem

2020-11-02 HKT 11:21
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  • Ted Hui says he has also been arrested over the chaos in Legco on May 8 this year.
    Ted Hui says he has also been arrested over the chaos in Legco on May 8 this year.
Timmy Sung reports
Legislator Ted Hui was on Monday arrested and charged over a rowdy meeting in Legco last May, just like seven of his pro-democracy colleagues had been the day before.

Hui said he was arrested as he reported to Western Police Station over a separate case.

The lawmaker and the seven others from the pro-democracy camp are accused of contempt of Legco and violating the Powers and Privileges Ordinance by obstructing Legco officials in relation to farcical scenes at a House Committee meeting on May 8.

"It signifies that Hong Kong has become a complete police state, where the police regulate politicians' and Legco members' speech and behaviour... even if it's parliamentary procedural issues, now it's controlled by the police," Hui said after he was released.

The two rival camps in the legislature fought for control of the meeting to elect a chairperson, after DAB leader Starry Lee declared that she was taking charge of the proceedings.

Lawmakers from both sides paraded around the room with banners, attempts were made to build barricades using chairs, and the pro-democracy camp's Chu Hoi-dick tried to climb up a wall at one point.

Scuffles also broke out, several pan-dems were ejected by security guards, and People Power's Ray Chan went to hospital after being dragged to the ground by pro-Beijing legislator Kwok Wai-keung.

On Sunday, police laid charges against Chan, Chu, Hui's Democratic Party colleagues Helena Wong, Wu Chi-wai and Andrew Wan, the Labour Party's Fernando Cheung and Steven Kwok. They are expected to appear in court on Thursday.

The pro-democracy camp says the Powers and Privileges Ordinance is actually meant to protect legislators and it's ridiculous that it is now being used as a tool to suppress dissent.

No members of the pro-Beijing camp have been arrested over the chaos.