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Restaurant-goers may be forced to use tracking app

2020-11-24 HKT 11:56
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  • Restaurant-goers may be forced to use tracking app
Damon Pang reports
Chief Executive Carrie Lam says the government is going to force restaurants and other premises to sign up for its coronavirus contact-tracing app and it could eventually become mandatory for customers to take part in the tracking system.

Speaking ahead of Tuesday's Executive Council meeting, Lam insisted, however, that using the mobile app would still be voluntary, saying people would be free to choose not to eat at restaurants or use the other premises covered by the LeaveHomeSafe scheme.

"Of course, after adding this QR code, it doesn't mean all customers will use it. We hope, initially, that this would be on a voluntary basis," Lam said.

"But if necessary, we could require people entering these places to use the app and record their whereabouts."

Lam also criticised people who haven't been following pandemic restrictions, saying there are videos being shared online of people dancing without masks on. She said these people appear to have made the current wave of infections worse.

"This is still the time for avoiding close contact. This is still the time for not going into high risk places. But if people just [do] not comply, then I'd find it very difficult to manage the situation," she said.

The CE said the government is going to order the temporary closure of indoor leisure venues where large numbers of people gather, have physical contact, and often remove their masks.

Lam also announced that testing kits will be distributed at 121 post offices across the territory and that there are also plans to hand specimen bottles out at MTR stations.