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CE derides calls for lockdown, forced citywide tests

2020-11-25 HKT 16:57
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  • CE derides calls for lockdown, forced citywide tests
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, has rejected lawmakers’ demands for a lockdown and mandatory universal coronavirus testing while Hong Kong sees a new surge of coronavirus infections.

One of those behind the calls was Alice Mak from the Federation of Trade Unions who said there should be a two-week lockdown to stop people moving around the city.

But speaking at a press conference to explain her Policy Address on Wednesday, Lam said such suggestions are nothing but catchy slogans.

"We have to ask ourselves. Is it based on science? Is it based on evidence that it is a good arrangement?" she asked.

Lam earlier announced that the government may roll out another round of voluntary Covid tests for anyone who wants one.

But she said testing every one of Hong Kong's seven million people on a compulsory basis would require a lockdown of at least four weeks, in addition to the closure of the airport and other border checkpoints.

"Can Hong Kong survive with a city lockdown of four weeks? Can you, as an individual, tolerate a stay-home mandatory order for four weeks?" Lam asked.

She also said questioned whether enough residents would comply with the rules of a lockdown to enable the exercise to work.