Beijing will sort out any misconduct on my part: CE - RTHK
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Beijing will sort out any misconduct on my part: CE

2020-12-01 HKT 11:43
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  • Beijing will sort out any misconduct on my part: CE
Candice Wong reports
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that the central government would take action against her if she commits any misconduct, as she sought to explain why she doesn't need to be covered by Hong Kong anti-bribery laws.

Before going into this week's Executive Council meeting, Lam was asked whether she plans to amend the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance to cover any suspected wrongdoing by the chief executive – in accordance with recommendations made by a review committee back in 2012.

Lam said it would be "complicated and difficult" to make any changes to the ordinance because it could affect the constitutional status of the CE, and she has no intention of taking such action during the rest of her term.

But she rejected suggestions that the CE enjoys unfettered power.

"In the Basic Law, the chief executive answers to the Central People’s Government. The Central People’s Government would of course take appropriate actions if the chief executive commits any misconduct," she said.

"But I cannot say on behalf of the Central People’s Government what such appropriate actions would be."

Meanwhile, Lam also declared that she is "restoring Hong Kong from chaos" after last year's unrest.

"It’s now very clear. We were hit by riots and violence that has endangered not only the safety of this city but also national security," she said.

"As the chief executive, I am leading the Hong Kong SAR Government to restore Hong Kong from that chaos, and for that I have no regrets," she said.