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i-Cable sacks dozens from its news department

2020-12-01 HKT 12:22
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  • i-Cable sacks dozens from its news department
Priscilla Ng reports
Hong Kong television station i-Cable has reportedly sacked 40 members of staff from its 300-strong news department, including journalists, camera operators and production workers.

The entire team of reporters on the award-winning investigative segment, News Lancet, are among those fired.

An insider told RTHK that the sackings took immediate effect, and people who were handed termination letters on Tuesday morning were told to pack up their belongings right away.

One camera operator who was originally working at the Legislative Council was apparently ordered to stop working immediately and return to the office to sign termination documents.

He was heard saying "what needs to happen will happen" as he said goodbye to other journalists present.

Several staff said they were furious and extremely disappointed with the management’s decision, saying it was “cruel” for i-Cable to axe so many workers when the local employment market is in the doldrums.

They surrounded the offices of the newsroom management, demanding an explanation for the sackings.

Some of the station's other reporters were also considering whether to stop working in protest against the layoffs.

In May, the company took steps to cut costs, asking employees to take two days of unpaid leave every month from June to November this year. It said 12 additional days of paid leave would be given to staff over the next two years as compensation.

In August, the head of i-Cable news, William Fung, was replaced in a management reshuffle.

Later, the broadcaster fired three senior engineering workers, a move which also caused an uproar among staff.